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Add digital MP4 files to your order! Available thru download or thumb drive. Inquire for details.

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Movie Film Concersion Digital | Film to DVD Options

Movie Film Disc Options

If you want to view your movie film digital file in standard definition, then we can transfer your film to a DVD. You can watch your DVD on your TV and any computer capable of playing a DVD.


Our Free Complimentary DVD Discs will have chapter markers for your convenience. The DVD will contain no editing of the footage (unless you order Advanced Color Restoration) and no disc menu.

If you would like a custom created DVD, just let us know what features you would like included.


Blu-Ray discs were designed to take the place of DVD's with their optical disc storage. Blu-Ray discs enable you to watch your High Definition HD Movie Film memories on your TV when used in your Blu-Ray player. Each Blu-Ray disc will have a menu and chapter markings.

Movie Film Conversion to Digital | MP4 Video File

Video Files

When you choose to receive your movie film as an MP4 video file, you have the freedom to do anything you want with your video file. You can edit the file, upload it online, create new discs and easily share with friends and family. We all lead busy lives, and now you can take your movie film files with you wherever you go! Whether it's on your smartphone, tablet, or laptop, watch your digitized movie film on your favorite device.

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Download MP4 Files

Download your MP4 Video files right from us! We will email you a link where you can download your video files.

Download your MP4 Video files right from us! We will email you a link where you can download your video files.

Color Correction

Movie Film Conversion Digital | Color Correction

Only 15¢ a foot!

It is inevitable that as your movie film ages, the color will age as well. Color fading can being years after your movie film was developed, it�s caused by a chemical change in the light exposure and temperature. When you transfer your movie film with Larsen Digital, you can choose to add color correction, all done manually by a real person. There is no better way to watch your past movie film memories than the way they were intended, with the color restored to what it should be.

Download your MP4 Video files right from us! We will email you a link where you can download your video files.

Frame by Frame Transfer

Movie Film Conversion to Digital | Color Correction

We capture 100% of your image. Unlike others, we transfer frame by frame with an enlarged film gate that allows us to capture 100% of your film. Other companies that use real-time transfers offer a lower quality transfer and lose 20-30% of the picture.

Frame by Frame Transfers

Other companies choose to transfer your movie film with lower quality real-time transfers, losing 20-30% of your films image. Your movie film deserves to be captured all the way, which is why we transfer all movie film frame by frame using an enlarged film gate so we can capture 100% of your precious film.
Movie Film Conversion to Digital | Movie Film with Sound Conversion | Film with Audio

Movie Film with Sound

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