Movie Film Digital Conversion

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Movie Film Conversion to Digital | Color Correction
Some other companies have low-quality equipment and, they will cut out part of your frame, and you have no idea. Larsen Digital has a wide gate that allows us to capture 100% of the frame, so you never cut out part your memories.
Our equipment is also captured frame by frame, which means it is FLICKER FREE. That means you won't have the spaces in between each frame flashing through your film.

Flicker Free Video Example

Frame by Frame means it is FLICKER FREE
Movie Film Conversion Digital | Color Correction
Only 15¢ a foot!
The dyes in movie film fade over time, which leaves your movie film faded & discolored. Hold your film up to the light, if the film has a strong hue of color, your movie film has begun to discolor. Luckily we can digitally color correct your movie film once we have converted it to digital.

Color Correction Example

3" = 50ft
4" = 100ft
5" = 200ft
6" = 300ft
7" = 400ft

Movie Film with Audio

The majority of movie film is silent, but some film may have sound. The cost to transfer & the audio will add 10¢ per foot.

Splicing Movie Reels with Audio

Industry standard is to splice smaller reels onto larger ones to make to transferring movie film to digital more efficient. When we transfer movie film with an audio soundtrack, it takes significantly more time to set up each reel to ensure that all of the audio is captured. Due to this, if you need to make a special request that we do not splice your smaller reels onto a larger reel, there will be a $5 per reel fee.