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We proudly offer you our on-line Image Organization System (IOS) where you take control of your images BEFORE we burn your digital images to discs.

You have the opportunity to view your images, organize and label your digitized film, or delete any unwanted scans. All you need to do is put your old film in a box and send it in, we will take care of the rest. How easy is that?

How it works

Once your order is completed being scanned & edited it will be uploaded online. Once the upload is complete you will receive an email with your log-in information. Just click on the link inside your email and you will be logged right into your account.

Once your order is online, you will have up to two weeks to complete your organization. If you have not yet finalized your order, we will automatically create your discs and retunr your order.

online viewing and organization log in
To View, Organize & Delete Images online for only $7.95,
select the Online Image Organizer on your order form.

view online preview view organize image online Once your photos, slides, negatives, medium or large format films have been converted to digital, we will upload a low resolution version of your images to our on-line system. You will receive a link via e-mail where you can access your digital files. Once you log in to our IOS, you can view your converted images to ensure they are organized just the way you want.

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organize images online view organize online custom groups labels While viewing your digital files on our IOS, feel free to move images around, and create folder groupings for your memories. Have pictures from both Christmas and Johnny's birthday? Simply create a folder for each event, and drag your images into place. Organize your digitized images chronologically, or however you see fit. Once you have finished organizing, and you have hit the "Submit" button in IOS, we will create your discs exactly as you have organized.

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label onlineorganize online, gallery, add custom titles, names Want to make your life easier when looking at your digital files on your home computer? Give them individual labels in IOS. Instead of having your file names be "Image 001, Image 002, etc", re-name them, "Johnny's Birthday Cake", or "Johnny Opening Presents". Don't worry, these labels won't appear on your image, just the file name. Labeling your images is an easy way to keep track of your digitized memories.

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delete unwanted scans delete unwanted images With IOS, you have the opportunity to delete any of your digital images that you don't want on your discs! We will even credit you for any of your discarded images up to 10% of your total scans. Can not be combined with any other discount or coupon.

This offer is available on 35mm slides, 35mm negatives, 126 & 110 Format Slides and photos.





Your use of the IOS system will be limited to 21 days from the day we upload your images. Due to limited storage space we cannot make any exceptions to this deadline. If you have not finalized your order within 21 days, your order will automatically be taken down from IOS, and your discs will be created as they were scanned & your order will be shipped back to you.