Larsen Digital Will Be Attending RootsTech 2018

Larsen Digital is pleased to announce that they will be a vendor at RootsTech 2018 Salt Lake City, Utah.

PLEASANT VIEW, Utah, August 4, 2017 - Larsen Digital, a photo, film and video conversion company specializes in preserving family memories so that they are saved for generations to come. Larsen Digital is a family owned & operated scanning service and after the recent passing of a family member they came into possession of a large collection of family photos. While organizing the photos to be scanned, Kristin Harding, the daughter of owner Brent Larsen came across a photo of her Great Great Grandparents. There were no other known photos of these grandparents and this was the first time that Mrs. Harding had seen a photograph of these particular ancestors. In doing some research, she learned that her great great grandparents were both born in the 1870s and her grandmother had passed away in the 1930s while her great great grandfather lived until the 1950s.

This great discovery sparked more research and more photos were uncovered of the Larsen family ancestors. According to USA Today, Genealogy has become the 2nd most popular hobby. With easy access to research sites & indexing software anyone can start working on their family history. This is yet another example why RootsTech has become increasingly popular the last few years. RootsTech is the largest family history conference in the nation, held every year in Salt Lake City, Utah. The most recent RootsTech in February 2017 drew in 30,000 attendees on the Saturday family day.

Once you have your first big 'discovery' with your family history it can become addictive to keep researching and discovering your roots. The excitement when you find someone new on your family tree. KRISTIN HARDING

Larsen Digital is proud to announce that they will be attending RootsTech 2018 in SLC, making it their fourth year attending the conference as a vendor in the expo hall. Larsen Digital has loved helping families and various organizations further their work on their family history while attending RootsTech. RootsTech 2018 will be held Feb. 28-March 3.

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