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Drop Off Locations

To better serve our customers we have set up an affiliate drop off location. Please bring your order in a box/bag/container.

Sandy Drop Off:
Heartfelt Hobby & Craft
407 West 9000 South
Sandy, UT
Hours: Mon-Sat 9am-9pm
(Bi-Weekly Pick Up)

Bountiful Drop Off:
Whisperwood & Co.
88 S Main St
Bountiful, Utah
Hours: Mon-Sat 10:30am-6pm
(Bi-Weekly Pick Up)

$5 delivery fee. Covers both drop off & pick up.


Deals End March 31st !

Over 30% Off - Photos to Digital!
Only 20¢ per photo!

Use Code: KSLphoto

Video Tape to DVD over 25% Off!
$12 Per Tape!

Use Code: KSLvid

Movie Film to DVD 20% Off
As low as 17¢ per foot!

Use Code: KSLmovie

Audio Tape to Digital over 20% Off!
$13 per tape!

Use Code: KSLaudio

Reel to Reel Audio to MP3 20% Off!
$$16 per reel!

Download Order Form

35mm Slides
4000 DPI- 38¢

FREE Digital Color Correction!
Use Code: KSL38

Coupon Codes must be used when order is placed. These discounts can not be combined with any other offers or deals.

Orders can be placed online and mailed in,
or just come to our Pleasant View store.

Mon-Fri 9am-5pm
Questions? 801-782-5155