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*As low as $5.00. Inquire for details.

Pricing is per tape with a maximum of 2 hours on each tape. Tapes that exceed 2 hours will incur additional charges.

Minimum Order $20 Details

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Video Testimonials

Video Testimonials

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  • Each tape will receive a hardware based, full phase (two pass)
    image and audio stabilization.
  • Tapes converted to a DVD will be stored on its own DVD
    and returned in a Dual DVD case.
  • DVD created by Larsen Digital will be an exact copy of the footage on the video tape.

Video Tape Preparation

Sending in your video tapes is pretty simple, each tape will be its own file/DVD. However, if you know the chronological order of your tapes, click here for some extra video prep details.

**Please note that we are unable to transfer tapes that have been water damaged orhave mold or mildew, or dirt in or around the opening of the tape. This will cause severe damage to the heads of our machines.**

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Create Digital Images From Your Video Tapes

Watching your home videos on your TV or computer is always a fun emotional experience. Now you can capture those individual moments and frame them for everyone to see by having us provide digital images from your Video Tapes..

It's only $10 per tape and includes one image per second of video. The files will be sent to you on a 32GB USB for $25.