Video Tape Conversion

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Processing Times

Quantity Normal
1-10 2 Week
11-30 3 Weeks
31-50 4 Weeks
50+ 5+ Weeks

Video Tape Preparation

We base our prices on video tapes with 2 hours or less footage per tape. Video tapes that contain more than 2 hours of footage will be subject to additional charges.


**Please note that we are unable to transfer tapes that have been water damaged, have mold or mildew, or dirt in or around the opening of the tape. This will cause severe damage to the heads of our machines.**

what to know when converting 35mm video tapes to digital

Get Digital Images
From Your Video Tapes

digital images from video tapes

Watching your home movies on your TV or computer is always a fun emotional experience.

Now you can capture those individual moments and frame them for everyone to see by having us provide digital images from your
Video Tapes..

Call us to discuss your options,

Converted in the USA

Your irreplaceable movie films are too precious to outsource. Unlike other scanning companies, once your work arrives at our facility in Utah, it stays here. More Info

Customer Testimonials

Perfect in every way! From the above and beyond customer service, to the fabulous quality of workmanship! Everything was exactly as I ordered.
Jim B.
Seattle, Washington

I've received my DVDs and they turned out better than I expected. Thank you so much for working so diligently on my difficult tapes.
Much appreciated,
Tanya S.

You guys did a great job. Everything is in good shape and just how I asked the job to be done.
Thank you very much.
Dwayne B.

Thank you for the wonderful job you did on my DVD project. It is so great to see my grown kids when they were babies. Thank you for taking such great care of my videos.
Jackie P.
Madison, Wisconsin

Professional Video Tape Transfers

Converting your Video Tapes to digital is easy with Larsen Digital. With our order form you can select whether you want your video files saved to DVD or BluRay, enabling your to watch your video tapes on your TV.

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Video Tape to DVD: $21 $17.00 Per Tape


Add Mp4 Digital Video Files: $7.00 $5.00 Per Tape

You receive the MP4 digital video file & a DVD for just $22!

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Pricing is per tape with a maximum of 2 hours on each tape.
Tapes that exceed 2 hours will incur additional charges

Specialty Tapes: BetaMax, BetaCam, DVC Pro, Umatic. Pricing

Minimum Order $20 Details

video tape  to dvd bluray

Videos converted to disc will be saved to a DVD, and each tape will be stored on it's own DVD. Video Tapes will also be returned in a dual DVD case.

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Add MP4 Video Files to your order & access your video files wherever you are. Whether it's on your smart phone, tablet, or laptop, watch your digitized video tapes on your favorite device.

Video Editing Tutorials

how to delete unwanted video how to organize video clips how to combine video clips from one large file
How To Delete
Unwanted Video
How To Organize
Video Files
How To Combine
Video Files

mp4 digital file download

Download Your MP4 Files!

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Video Tape Formats

We specialize in transferring all types of video tapes to digital. We can convert VHS, VHC-C, Hi8 Tapes, 8mm Video, Digital 8 Tapes, MiniDV Tapes and Mini DVD discs.


Standard VHS Tapes flooded the market in the 1970's. As the most common type of video tape, VHS tapes are 187mm wide, 103mm deep, and 25mm thick, and range from 2 hour to 8 hour mode. The higher the VHS duration mode, the lower the quality becomes.


VHS-C Video Tapes are a smaller version of VHS tapes. Offering the same quality as the regular CHS tapes, they do require an adapter to be played in a VHS Tape player. Unlike to full size VHS tapes, which have two spools, the VHS-C Tapes only contain one spool that it's magnetic tape wraps around.

Hi8 & Digital8

Hi8 Tape, Digital 8 Tapes, and 8mm Video Tape all look very similar. Digital 8 video tapes look exactly like the Hi8 tapes, however, Digital 8 tapes are digital, and Hi8 tapes are analog. More info on

Mini DV

MiniDV Video Tapes are the smallest of the Video Tape Family. Some MiniDV tapes have the capability of being shot in HD, but MiniDV's are mostly known to be Standard Definition. While we currently only transfer in SD, we still offer to transfer your HD MiniDV Video Tapes, however, the Mp4 file will only be in SD.

Mini DVD

Mini DVD's are not classified as a “Video Tape", but they do require a specialized software to extract the video files. Like the other Video tapes shown on this page, we will transfer the video files off of the Mini DVD and save them to a full size DVD, or if you choose, we can also convert it into an MP4 digital file. Because Mini DVD's need to be finalized in order to transfer the files off of the Mini DVD, you will need the camcorder that recorded the Mini DVD.

Beta Max

BetaMax are the least common video tape. Introduced around the same time as VHS tapes, the BetaMax simply did not gain enough popularity to overcome that of VHA tapes, and BetMax slowly got lost in the shuffle. It isn't easy to find players that will play your BetaMax tapes, because of the rarity of BetaMax. This makes it even more important to get your BetaMax to Larsen Digital for digital conversion.
Beta Max video tapes are considered a specialty video tape, see pricing details Here

Beta Cam

Beta Cam video tapes are considered a specialty video tape, see pricing details Here


U-matic is an analog video tape that was introduced to the public in 1971. These tapes are 3/4" wide, so they are also called "three quarter video tapes." Due to the higher cost of the tape it wasn't popular with consumers and found most of its success in broadcast.
Umatic video tapes are considered a specialty video tape, see pricing details Here


DVC Pro video tapes are considered a specialty video tape, see pricing details Here