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Things To Know

Frame vs. Strip
We will bill for every frame, not per strip. A strip is when there are multiple pictures side by side, where a frame is a single image.

Skipping Frames
We do not skip frames when scanning your 35mm negative strips, and all frames must be scanned. If you do not want digital copies of all the images, feel free to order our Online Image Organization System (IOS) where you can view and delete unwanted images.

Black & White Film
Our professional scanners use a technology known as Digital Ice Infrared Clean, but unfortunately, it does not work on Black and White film. We always welcome black and white negatives, however, dust, scratches, and fingerprints may be visible on the scans.

Adhesive Coverings
Some negatives have an adhesive plastic covering that is attached to your negative strips. Because the strips cannot go through our scanners with this cover on them, we kindly ask that you remove them prior to shipping your negatives. If you send them in without doing so, we can remove the adhesive coverings, but we do not assume liability in doing so.

Rolled Film
When the negative film is rolled or has a strong curve to it, it does not allow our scanners to fully focus on the film, causing a brown effect on the edges of the negative film images. 35mm negatives that are curled need to be cut in strips of 4 and will incur a handling charge of $0.30 per image.

Single Frame
Negative strips must be at least two frames in length; and there is a 50¢ handling fee for single frame negatives.
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