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May 25th

2000 DPI: 52¢ 39¢ Per Slide
3000 DPI: 55¢ 42¢ Per Slide
4000 DPI: 58¢ 44¢ Per Slide

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Minimum Order $20 Details

Processing Times

Quantity Normal
1-750 2 Weeks
750-3,000 3 Weeks
3001-5,000 3 Weeks
5001+ 4 Weeks

Preparing Your Slides

Don't know where to start? Check out our easy instructions on preparing your slides.

Turn Around Times

Order completion dates are dependent on our current scanning backlog. Check out our current turn around times.

what to know when converting 35mm slides to digital

Scanned in the USA

Your irreplaceable slides are too precious to outsource. Unlike other scanning companies, once your work arrives at our facility in Utah, it stays here. More Info

Professional Equipment

Your slides deserve the best, which is why we avoid flat bed scanners when converting your slides, We proudly use the Nikon 5000, which delivers a much higher quality.
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CD's & DVD's

Want your slides scanned to a disc? We offer to burn your digital images to a DVD. The quality difference between a CD and DVD is the same, but the difference is that a DVD will hold more data than a CD. Because of this we burn all of your images onto DVD's or them on external hard drives. You can even download them directly from us.

If you are looking for the ability to view your slides on your TV you will want a VIDEO DVD, and will need to select our DVD Video Slideshow option.

35mm Slide Conversion to Digital!

We offer the digital conversion for all types of slides, from 35mm slides, Super 35mm slides, 126 Format Slides, to mounted 110 Format Slides and Half Frame 35mm slides. After your slides are scanned, they will receive post scanning standard editing, and will be burned to CD or DVD.

35mm slide 126 slide 110 slide half frame slide super 35mm slide
slides view online delete unwanted images

Online Viewing & Organization

Don't have time to organize your slides, but want to get them converted to digital? Look no further! We offer the ability for you to view and organize your digital images on-line, as well as delete unwanted scans. More Info

Delete Un-Wanted Scans

With our On-line Image Organization System (IOS), where you can view and organize your digitized slides, you also have the ability to get rid of slides that you don't want! Find out more

Scanning Resolution

35mm slide resolution

Figuring out what scanning resolution you want your slides digitized at is an important factor in your project. Scanning resolution will determine the quality of the scan. It is similar to the concept of megapixels on a digital camera, and as with most things, the higher the scanning resolution you choose, the higher the quality. Want to see the difference? Check out our scanning resolution examples.

Digital Color Correction

Standard Editing

Did you know that Standard Editing is included in the price of your scan? Not only do you get your slides scanned on top notch equipment, but your images will receive an automated fade correction, color balance, and image rotation post scanning.

Premium Editing

When you choose our premium editing option, all of your images will receive manual color and contrast adjustments, as well as minor spot treatment and cropping. All professional editing will be completed by a PhotoShop Expert.

35mm slide color correction

To view more color correction examples, Click Here

cloud upload | download files

Download Files & Cloud Upload

No More Discs. No More Waiting.

We can upload your files into your cloud account, or we can download your files right from us!

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DVD Video Slideshow

dvd video slideshow

Our DVD Video Slideshows are an emotional way to bring your memories back to life. Once your slides have been scanned, we can create a custom Slideshow for you to play on your TV and share with loved ones. With options including background music and title pages, our DVD Video Slideshows are a great way to share your legacy. View all of our DVD Slideshow options

Slide Formats

We have the ability to scan all types of slides, from 35mm slides, Super 35mm slides, 126 Format Slides, to mounted 110 Format Slides and Half Frame 35mm slides. Not only can we scan them all, but all these slides are digitized for the same price, and use the same order form.