Scanned in the USA

Your irreplaceable vinyl records are too precious to outsource. Unlike other conversion companies, once your work arrives at our facility in Utah, it stays here. More Info

Turn Around Times

Order completion dates are dependent on our current backlog, however most Vinyl Record orders are completed in under 2 weeks.

Reel To Reel Audio

We also transfer reel to reel audio to digital.
Reel to Reel Audio details

Vinyl Record Albums

We also transfer vinyl record albums to digital.
Vinyl Record details

Audio Tapes Converted to CD or MP3

127 super 127 slides converted to digital

$16.50 $13 Per Tape

Use Code: 941audio

Vinyl Record conversion order form

Deals End Aug. 17th !

Use the code 941audio drop the price to $13 per tape. Can not be combined with any other discount.

Minimum Order $20 Details

audio tape converted to cd and mp3 file

We can convert your old audio tapes to a CD or to an Mp3 or Wav file.

Playable CD can be played in any CD player. Digital Audio files can easily be uploaded online, e-mailed, loaded onto a Mp3 player or used on a computer. Edited portions of audio track once converted to a digital file.

Separate track for each side of tape.
Maximum of 2 tracks created for each tape.
Silent areas at beginning and end of each tape removed.
Tape noise reduction applied to all transfers.

Be sure to indicate on your order form that you want your files saved as Wav files and not an audio CD. If you want Mp3 files, just indicate in your instructions that you prefer MP3 instead of Wav Files.