127 super 127 slides converted to digital

Reel to Reel Audio Conversion

Convert Your Reel to Reel Audio to CD or Mp3 File

We know it can be hard to send in your precious reel to reel audio to be digitally converted, but we make a promise to every customer that we will treat each reel as though they were our own. We are staffed with highly trained professionals, and scan with the best scanning equipment to ensure that you get a result your film deserves.

Saved to MP3: $23.99 $18.50 Per Hour

Saved to CD: $29.99 $23.50 Per Hour

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Minimum Order $20 Details


How Much Audio Do You Have?

Reel Sizes & Duration

Reel Size
Slow Speed
1 7/8 inch per second
Medium Speed
3 3/4 inch per second
Fast Speed
7 1/2 inch per second
150 Feet - 3" 15 Minutes 8 Minutes 4 Minutes
300 Feet 32 Minutes 16 Minutes 8 Minutes
600 Feet - 5" 1 Hr 4 Minutes 32 Minutes 16 Minutes
1200 Feet- 7" 2 Hr 8 Minutes 1 Hr 4 Minutes 32 Minutes
1800 Feet 3 Hr 12 Minutes 1 Hr 36 Minutes 48 Minutes
3600 Feet- 10.5" 6 Hr 24 Minutes 3 Hr 12 Minutes 1 Hr 36 Minutes

Audio Tracks

Depending on how your reel to reel audio was recorded, there may be multiple tracks. For reels with multiple tracks, it will increse your duration. We can handle up to 4 tracks, (2 tracks per side). We bill for actual recorded time, so if your reels are not full, you will not pay for blank footage.

Scanned in the USA

Your irreplaceable audio reels are too precious to outsource. Unlike other conversion companies, once your work arrives at our facility in Utah, it stays here. More Info