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September 28th

Price: $21.99 $17.00 Per Tape

audio cassette conversion to mp3, wav, low prices, best quality, professional scans

Minimum Order $20 Details

mp4 digital file download

Download Your MP3 files!

Why Convert Audio Tapes to Digital?

Sound quality never decreases
Simple to use
Never need to rewind
Improved sound performance
Easy to store
Ability to edit once converted to Mp3 file.
CDs are projected to last over 100 years

Reel To Reel Audio

We also transfer reel to reel audio to digital.
Reel to Reel Audio details

Vinyl Record Albums

We also transfer vinyl record albums to digital.
Vinyl Record details

Audio Tape Conversion to Digital

Professional digital conversion of your Audio Tapes to CD or Mp3 File

audio tape conversion to digital

Transfer your Audio Tapes to Digital Today!

Now is the time to transfer your audio tapes to digital. You can choose to have your audio tapes saved right to a CD that you can listen to. You can also get the MP3 files that you can edit, transfer to other media, and just listen to. If you would like both options, don't worry. We can give you both for only a little bit more.

Convert Audio Tapes to CD or MP3 File.

audio tape converted to digital mp3 file cd  

Silent areas at beginning and end of each tape removed.
Tape noise reduction applied to all transfers.
Separate track for each side of tape.
Maximum of 2 tracks created for each tape.

mp3 digital file download


Download Mp3 Files!

Instead of receiving a playable CD, you can download your Mp3 files. We will email you a link where you can download your files. One you have your files you can save them to your computer, phone, tablet or burn onto a CD.

audio cassette conversion to mp3, wav, low prices, best quality, professional scans