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Our Picks: Free Photo Editing Software

This list is for those who:
1) Cannot afford professional photo editing software such as PhotoShop,
2) Are novices when it comes to editing your own images.

Here we will rank 4 different FREE photo editing software programs to help guide your decision.
Each category is rated on a 5 star system, meaning 5 stars is absolutely amazing, and 1 star is extremely lacking.


User Friendly: 2
Available Functions: 4
Results: 4
Overall Score: 3

Pros: This software is what you want if you are looking for a free version of Adobe PhotoShop. It offers numerous technical functions from brightness adjustment and cloning to vector art creation and image distortion.
Cons: Not for the casual photo editor! If you are a beginner there will be many youtube tutorials in your future as you learn the basics in using this software. It also requires a download of the software rather than working on a webpage, so you will want to make sure your computer can handle it!
Bottom Line: The best free software for those who know what they are doing!


User Friendly: 3
Available Functions: 2
Results: 3
Overall Score: 2 1/2

Pros: Lots of fun effects, text additions, and borders! With Fotoflexer you can upload your edited images straight to your favorite social media website. Edit without having to download anything! All you need to do is visit their website, upload your photos, and edit away.
Cons: While this software contains a lot of fun effects, it's actual photo editing functions are limited, and most are automated.
Bottom Line: Good website for creating fun imagery with images that need little to no fix-ups.


User Friendly: 4
Available Functions: 3
Results: 3
Overall Score: 3 1/2

Pros: Contains lots of interesting photo effects, and a neat Creative Kit. Allows you to add text to your images, and use the program as a default photo viewer.
Cons: As with fotoflexer, this software comes with limited functionality. Picasa does require a download to your computer.
Bottom Line: Lots of fun effects and stickers + Solid Basic Photo Editing Functions = Awesome Free Software

Windows Live Photo Gallery

User Friendly: 2
Available Functions: 2
Results: 2
Overall Score: 2

Pros: Windows allows you to create slideshows and movies with this free software, as well as order prints and upload your edited images to your favorite social media website.
Cons: While it does contain a high-quality clone tool for fixing imperfections, there are not many other functions to choose from when using this program.
Bottom Line: It's an ok free program. Better than nothing!